Behavior Policy

Montague Libraries Library Behavior Policy

The following code of behavior governing the use of the library by the public shall be enforced to
provide a standard of acceptable behavior:

1. Respect for other library users shall be maintained at all times. Patrons and staff will treat others with respect.

2. Food Policy
a. Only beverages in securely covered containers and neat snack food are allowed for consumption in the library. Patrons should clean up after themselves and alert staff if
there are spills.
b. No food or beverages are allowed at computer stations.

3. Disruptive behavior, i.e. destructive or continuing activity by any individual or group of individuals which infringes on or potentially infringes on other patrons’ rights to use the library, shall not be permitted. The library staff reserves the right to determine whether other conduct not listed below constitutes “disruptive behavior”.
a. Use of alcohol or narcotics, and smoking or the use of smokeless tobacco or electronic cigarettes, in the library or on library grounds.
b. Utilizing personal electronic equipment (examples include, but are not limited to, radios, cassette or CD players, laptop computers, cellular phones, pagers, or personal medical equipment) in such a way that it disturbs other library patrons or interferes with other patrons use of the library.
c. Loud, excessive and boisterous behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, running, fighting, quarrelling, swearing, shouting, rude or inappropriate remarks, and excessive
displays of anger.
d. Using abusive, obscene, suggestive, or profane language in such a manner as to threaten the rights or safety of another person or infringe on the sensibilities of others.
e. Utilizing the public restrooms as a laundry or for bathing.
f. Harassing or bothering other library users or library employees on library property.

4. No person shall take library materials without properly signing them out. Removal of library materials without checking them out is larceny. The library staff reserves the right to inspect the bags or parcels of any patron. In certain cases, the Police Department may be called to do this.

5. Responsibility for the supervision and behavior of children using the library rests with the parent/guardian or an assigned chaperone. Young children should be attended and adequately supervised by a parent, guardian or caregiver who is a responsible person of at least twelve years of age.

The Library staff is not responsible for the supervision of children left unattended by their parents or caregivers. For the purposes of this policy an unattended child refers to a child in the library alone, or a child whose parent or caregiver is in the library but not adequately supervising that child. The latter situation may occur when the adult and child are in separate areas of the building, or when the adult is using library materials or computers and is not supervising their child. Older children may use the library unattended provided they are able to maintain proper library behavior.

6. Appropriate attire including shirts and shoes must be worn, (example of inappropriate footwear include but are not limited to, skates, cleats, or rollerblades).

7. Patrons shall not use the library phone to make or receive personal phone calls except in cases of true emergency or to arrange transportation as determined by the library staff. Library phone use is limited to library business.

8. Blocking of entrance or aisles is not permitted. Members of the public must use only authorized entrances, exits and stairways.

9. A person may be required to leave the library if their personal hygiene interferes with the orderly operation of the library or with the ability of other patrons to use and/or enjoy the facility.

10. Pets, except for service animals are not allowed in the library except with special permission. Animals must be leashed and under the owner’s control at all times. The owner must care for the animal in a responsible way that ensures the safety of those on library property as well as the safety of the animal.

11. Patrons are expected to cooperate with staff when closing time is announced. Notice is given to library users approximately 15 minutes before closing to provide enough time to check out materials. Computer users will be asked to log off computers 10 minutes before closing.

12. Any person, who, in the opinion of library staff, is engaging in conduct inconsistent with the orderly operation of the library, will be asked to leave and will be expected to do so in an orderly manner. Police may be called if needed.

13. Improper acts which are subject to persecution under criminal or civil codes of law are prohibited.

14. Destruction or defacement of the library building, property, or library materials is punishable by law.

15. Library privileges may be limited by the library for the following reasons:
a. Damaging library property.
b. Stealing library materials.
c. Threatening or harassing or physically harming staff or patrons.
d. Criminal acts committed on library grounds.
e. Disruptive behavior.
f. Unsafe behavior.
g. Violating Internet use policy.