Montague Public Libraries Receive $1,000 Grant for Books for Youth Under Peace & Social Justice Themes

Thanks to a generous $1,000 grant from the Traprock Center for Peace and Justice in Greenfield, the Montague Public Libraries have added books to their collection that fall under the themes of peace, social justice, compassion, diversity, tolerance, and the place of humans in the natural environment.

The collection, comprised of over 70 books, available at all three library branches, includes bilingual titles and a variety of fiction and nonfiction books that will appeal to a range of ages, from preschool to middle school children and teens. These books provide the foundation from which Traprock and Montague Public Libraries intend to create opportunities for encouraging empathy and reflection among the community’s youth. “Books can influence children in so many ways - providing good role models, deepening their sense of wonder in nature, stimulating their imagination, and showing a world of tolerance and respect,” says Traprock Director Pat Hynes.

Youth Services Librarian, Angela Rovatti-Leonard eagerly anticipates “several events throughout the year that will offer a chance to highlight some of the books in the collection and offer a way to show the power of books as vehicles for inspiration in the lives of young people.”

This summer, two events will be offered. The first event, An Act of Kindness, includes a reading of the book, Flowers for Sarajevo, by John McCutcheon, a live performance by a local cellist and a related craft on Tuesday, July 24, 11:00am at the Montague Center Common. On Tuesday, August 7, 3:00pm at the Carnegie Library in Turners Falls, the library will host Paving a Path for Peace: Paper Crane Project. In remembrance of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there will be a reading of an excerpt of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr and Peaceful Pieces: Poems and Quilts About Peace by Anna Grossnickle Hines. Origami expert, Mike Naughton, will instruct participants in how to make paper cranes and other designs as well. The origami cranes will be attached to a quilt and displayed at each of the Montague Public Libraries in turn.

For further information call the Carnegie Library at 413-863-3214 or email Angela at