Meet Our Staff and #ReadWithUs - Jill

The staff at Montague Public Libraries would like to say hello and invite you to post a picture of you and/or your family and share what you are reading. Use hashtag #ReadWithUs when you post on our Facebook page. Click the news title for more info!

I just can’t choose! I guess I’ll have to read them both....You’ll find me, Jill, on the desk evenings and Saturdays where I’ve been for the last 13 years. Besides regular books, I love audiobooks and movies too. Mysteries are a favorite of mine and here are two authors that I have recently discovered. They are Brittany Cavallaro, who does YA mysteries, and Beatriz Williams who likes to weave two stories - one from the past and one from the present together with a common thread. I’m always ready with a smile and a suggestion if you need one!