Browsing for New Materials

We will still post book and DVD lists but there is another way to browse our new materials in C/WMARS. Click the title for details!

Step 1: Go to C/WMARS Home

Step 2: Find the "Explore" tab on the top right side of site. There is a drop-down menu. Find and click on "New Titles."

Step 3: "New Titles" brings you to a list of libraries. Scroll down until you find Montague. It is broken down into our three branches. Choose the library branch you normally visit. There you will see a list of the new materials we have added in the last 14 days. You can limit your search by format. Use the drop-down menu to choose All Books, DVD, etc. It can be found just under the search bar. It will say "All Formats" until you choose another material type. You will also need to choose the library branch you normally visit. That drop-down menu can be found to the right of the "All Formats" drop-down.

CWMARS updates this list daily. You can request items directly from this but you need to be logged in to your account.