Updating the Signs at the Montague Center Library

No decisions made, further study suggested.

Should the Montague Center Library Building still have a large, badly faded sign reading "1858 Town Hall" as the prominent sign? The current signage is both difficut to read and confusing. Many people go to the building looking for Town Hall, not realizing it is located at 1 Ave. A, in Turners Falls.   There have been requests to redo and/or update the signs. Some residents do not want to see any changes citing the historical nature of the building. The building has housed the Montague Center Library since 1869.  It has not served as the Town Hall since well before the 1950s. The Selectmen are gave the  public a chance to  discuss the issues at their meeting, Monday, 3/21.  No decisions were made a tthe meetig.  The Library Director, Town Planner, and Historical Commission will meet to further discuss the matter.