Beyond the Beaten Path - Summer 2022

The theme for the 2022 Summer Reading Program for children and teens is Beyond the Beaten Path, which includes camping, hiking, and outdoor activities. Sign-up and events begin mid-June.

When you read books this summer from any of the Montague Public Libraries, or are read to, please keep a log of your reading. There are two different ways you can keep track of your reading and participate this summer.

Please choose one:

  1. Online log - Fill out our online form by entering the books you read and some other information once a week so you can be entered into the prize raffles.

  2. Paper log - Paper reading logs and Bingo sheets (for children & teens) are included in your Summer Reading bag.

There is no set number of books you must read. Please enter your name in the virtual log or write your name on your paper log. We need your name and contact info for the weekly prize drawings.

If you have any questions, please call the Carnegie Library, 863-3214
or email