If you use a library in another town, which library/libraries do you use and why?

Amherst/Greenfield (they are "on my way")

Carnegie only to drop off and pick up passes as Montague Center doesn't have them.

CW MARS on line to order

Erving is so new and beautiful.

Erving library. Easy parking. Spacious children's room and easy to use bathroom.

Erving-Open sundays, great librarians, beautiful site! Forbes in 01060, GPL, Sunderland

Erving, for their crafting sessions and maker space

Erving, MA

Erving, South Deerfield -- Erving is accessible for persons with disabilities

Erving, the facility



Greenfield - convenient to my paid work / Libby comment "when I was healthier, so I had reading time

Greenfield - it’s a new a beautiful building, very modern. Cheerful (always has flowers) and spacious. Kids room is huge and upstairs has lovely art

greenfield - it’s new and beautiful 

Greenfield and Amherst

Greenfield childrens

Greenfield library because its close and the new building is super fun!

Greenfield library for convenience

Greenfield library--closer than others--especially nice now

Greenfield occasionally

Greenfield Public Library as I have groups/appointments in Greenfield

Greenfield Public Library: they have a large selection of Large Print Books.

Greenfield--gorgeous facility; often closeby

Greenfield--it has great facilities

Greenfield-because new and used to live there, Leverett-because close and kids go to school there

Greenfield, Amherst Jones. Because I visit those towns for services, friends, shopping. 

greenfield, because it has more space

Greenfield, comfortable, new facility

Greenfield, Erving now and then

Greenfield, I live there.

Greenfield, I lived in Greenfield a long time & there is lots of personal space area.

Greenfield, Jones, Forbes with extensive, wander-able children's sections and reading areas

Greenfield, larger open spaces, more selection, more services

Greenfield, nice modern building with lots of multipurpose spaces, looking forward to being involved with their maker space. 

Greenfield, Northampton, Springfield

Greenfield, very occasionally - more quiet work space

Greenfield; close by, nice place to hang out. Plus the library I work at (a college library) :-)

Greenfield. Friendliness 

Greenfield/larger collection

I can walk to the MC library, but use other libraries when MC is not open or I want to get something that it doesn't have or just to check out another place! Greenfield, Sunderland, Turners, S. Deerfield

I have used the Greenfield Library for access to Ancestry.com. This resource is also available at the Montague Center Library and I have used it on numerous occasions. But the connection is super slow and requires multiple steps to reach the site in contrast to the Greenfield Library where it is available on the sign-in screen. In addition, the hours of the Greenfield Library have been more convenient at times. 

I like Northfield as its the same distance to me as TF. I used to live in Northfield. It's a great building with lots of history.

I like to visit other libraries to read the bulletin boards, eavesdrop on gossip about people and towns I don't know, browse the stacks, and just be with neighbors

I occasionally stop by the sunderland library if I'm driving by...and I now go to the leverett library (picking up kids at LES) about 2x a month. I LOVE the new Erving library, the Northfield free puzzle saturdays, and the Tilton Library programs.

I often use the Dickinson library in Northfield because it is beautiful and has old fashioned cozy places to sit and read. Unfortunately they have poor quality literature—lots of junky serial authors and mostly just knitting, gardening and cooking in nonfiction. But the building is nice so I bring my own books to read. 

I ordered lots of books from other libraries thru Interlibrary loan, so I "use" a lot of libraries

I stop in at other libraries when I'm nearby -- Leverett, Northfield & the new Greenfield library which is fabulous

I use Greenfield because it has more room.

I use my internet

interlibrary loan

Jones (amherst) for its book collection

Jones Amherst ( large wanderable), Forbes Northampton 

Jones Library occassionally, for its convenience, it's collection

Jones Library, Amherst. More complete

Jones-Amherst, or Greenfield, if I’m in either area.

Kids rooms at Leverett & Sunderland 

Leverett, because my grandchildren go to LES and I pick them up sometimes and go to the library next door.

Northfield - accessible enteance/elevator

Northfield, Amherst, Bernardston- we enjoy checking out other libraries and what they have available. 

Northfield, for the children’s music program

Northfield. Accessibility.

Occasional Erving use-make space/crafts

Occasionally Greenfield if I'm there

one, two, times a week

Sandwich (where my cottage is located)

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