Comments about accessibility:

("The Carnegie Library is adequately accessible")

- Handicapped access seems limited. / - Limited parking. / - Small, crowded facility.

-narrow passways in stacks, -sticking, heavy front door, -small children's room and computer area, -difficult to get to top floor

... but it is a wonderful old building. The ramp at the back is nice, but then the interior navigation is tough. Is there any wheelchair access to the basement, eg, for book sales?

(answer apperared elsewhere but relevant here): I am disabled and the overall access is too difficult and contentious. Aisles too narrow etc.

3rd floor is not accessible

Access is fine for me but I see people struggle on the stairs.

Access to the upstairs room?

Accessible for me. Probably not accessible enough for compliance with ADA. I would think federal funding would be a challenge! I like that for patrons it is essentially a single floor building.

Although there is access to the main floor, there is no access to the basement where the used books sales take place or the second floor where I attended a children's event.

Bathroom is tiny and awkward to access near stairs.. The upstairs space is only reachable by stairs.

Can't access upper floor if one is handicapped + isles behind desk are narrow -- couldn't reach bottom or upper shelf if in a wheelchair.

Difficult stairs impossible for wheelchairs and difficult for handicapped

Door was too heavy but they fixed that.

driveway to handicapped entrance is difficult/dangerous, especially in winter

Far from my house

for me-not perhaps for others

for those who aren't disabled

front door hard to open

Front door(s) stick at times

Front entry stairs are too many and too steep for disabled, injured and the elderly. The back (ramp) entrance feels like the 'service' entrance. It gets you in the door but you still have to navigate the stacks in your mobility device. Awful!!

Front steps are "steep" -- and I don't have accessibility needs so can't speak to wheelchair access/experience.

Front steps are an obstacle to wheelchairs and also anyone with mobility issues

good location, parking, and downtown

handicap parking too limited. parking too limited, no elevator or lift...

I am disabled and there is a ramp, but it's quite hard to use. I prefer to do most online because of this

I believe there is an accessibility entrance to the Carnegie though I've never used it myself. But it's unclear from the street that there is a different entrance without stairs.

I can access it fine, but I imagine a wheelchair user would have difficulty with the stairs and heavy doors that stick, and the narrow walkways.

I can get in it and around inside OK, but I can imagine if I had mobility issues and needed to use equipment, the space feels small and cramped. And is there a more easily accessible bathroom?

I feel unsafe getting in and out of my car parked on 7th Street in order to use the ramp. (I cannot easily use the stairs.) Cars go by me too close and too fast. (I am 70 years old.)

I have full mobility but see the obvious need for a ramp

I have not gone to the Carnegie because I can't figure out where to park! Across the street @ Food City? Just not easily accessible by car. And the walk up to the building doesn't look great.

I have not had to use the ramp, but it's unfortunate that it's out back. Then again, it's by the accessible parking so that makes sense. The front steps are steep though, + the door opening is awkward (as someone who is usually holding a lot of books when I open the door, + usually w/a toddler in tow)

I wish I knew more! My issues, so far, do not require a wheelchair nor an elevator.

I’m just not familiar with accessibility needs.

I'm not very familiar with the accessibility there

I've never seen a person using a walker or w.c. in the library -- crowded, narrow, hard to access entrance, restricted to the 1st floor, many shelves out of reach.

In a good location for me. There have been times that my schedule doesn't align with hours but it hasn't been a big issue.

Is this question a joke? It is not accessible!

it is adequate, but I am an able bodied person

It is near the bike path, the post office...

It seems accessiblr, but I do not have to navigate a disability myself

It's a cool old building, but from a time before accessibility was a concern. Navigating with a wheel chair seems impossible.

it's a tiny old building! It's not the building's fault-but it ain't built to be easy to get around in

It's dangerous for a stable person to enter the front door, from the weight of the door to its logistical location/design. it's an "accident waiting to happen."

It’s too small, not good for wheelchairs, could be way more accessible

its cramped and crowded for a mobile person, never mind someone in a wheelchair, walker, etc

Library is much too small. Front steps too many for elderly and front door is impossible to open. Carnegie Library in desperate need for a much bigger building

lots of steps and small aisles

lots of steps up from the road

Making disabled folks enter the library through the confusing back entrance and from an area where there is no accessible parking is terrible. And the book aisles are too narrow for wheelchairs.

Many steps to heavy, hard to open front doors.

More space to move around

My son who uses a walker was not able to access educational programs upstairs when they used to offer them up there.

Need ramps especially for elders and the people with disabilities. The front side of the library has a high stairs. The door is really tough to open because it swells. It gets too tight and heavy.

New hours are great. I would make sure schools are aware of new hours to let students know.

No matter whether this building continues as a library or is re-purposed, an elevator is obviously necessary to get any use out of the upper floor. So that expense will be incurred one way or the other, regardless.

No parking for handicapped people; only street parking

Not a problem for me.

One person could pull in to the back door, but doesn't serve most people with limited mobility.

Parking can be difficult

Parking is limited.

Parking issues, don't like parking on the street

parking, strollers

ramp in back right?!

Ramp in back was very helpful when my son was in a stroller; love the outdoor tented space for story time.

Ramp is unwieldy, space is cramped.

re: Carnegie Library. It's not in my village. Would rarely drive there if it was the only choice. Have no interest in another library

Sadly, this beautiful, well designed building was not designed for accessibility. Even as an able-bodied person, I find the outside and indoor steps difficult--they are not the height or width of tread I expect and in the winter if the outdoor steps get at all icy it is very dangerous :(

Seems like a lot of tight corners for someone w/a walker or wheelchair, but I wouldn't know. And there's no accessible restroom, righ?

So much of the building is inaccessible!

Stacks are not even remotely accessible and there is no accessible bathroom.

Stairs are an obstacle going in AND up to second floor.

Stairs to front entrance can be daunting to climb / upstairs and downstairs (book sales) are not accessible

stairs, door heavy, narrow entrance. hard to get to sidewalk from parking

Stairs, heavy doors, no parking

stairs, heavy doors, tight spaces

Stairs, limited parking, no elevator

steep steps, heavy door

Terrible! The front steps are difficult for me because I have arthritis in my knees.

the bathrooms.....

The Carnegie library is amazing! Fit the community needs and is beautiful! Every chance to save this location as our historic library should be taken.

The door sticking has been my only issue, but I have no mobility constraints

the doors! the stairs! the stacks! the bathrooms! oh my! I could go on.

the library does not appear to be very accessible, but I have not looked at ways to enter and get around the library from an accessiblility point of view

The library lacks the space to make navigation comfortable.

The setting is gracious and commanding, but not inviting.

The stacks are not wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair comfortably, and wheelchair users have to use the rear entrance instead of the main entrance. There could also be improvements made to language accessibility for people who speak other languages, especially Spanish.

the stairs are a little iffy and the bathroom more so

The wheelchair ramp is inconveniently located, isles are tight and it’s hard to get around within the library.

There are lots of stairs to get to the front door and the back door ,altough there is a ramp is not easily found or inviting. No access to other floors if you can't climb stairs. The restroom is small and difficult to get to easily.

There are too many stairs, not wide enough doorways, no wheelchair access to top floor, no elevator, bathrooms too small

There's a ramp, but it's a very old beutiful building that is hard to make ADA compliant.

They are very friendly and accessable and help when needed

Those front steps can be intimidating if you are carrying a lot.

Too far from other Montague towns to be "adequately accessible."

too many steep steps to front entrance; if you use the driveway in back to access the ramp, you have to back out onto a very busy street; no glass in heavy front door can cause the person entering to be struck; all doors heavy

Trying to change a diaper in the Carnegie bathroom is a hilarious endeavor. Trying to fit an adult and multiple children in the bathroom id equally comical.

Unfortunately the town fathers did not taken into account a future need to expand when the built the lovely Carnegie library of Montague.

Unsure about accessibility. Ramp on back but crowded aisles

Upstairs is not accessible. Both ramp and steps to entrances are hard on elders and handicapped. Bathroom is not adequate. Book aisles are not wide enough.

Uses back side door

very inconvenient for senior citizens and parents with young children

walk from HP parking to the library via the ramp is too long a walk for me.

While the Carnegie is a lovely old building, it's rather cramped inside. Navigating with a wheelchair or walker seems impossible, and access from a car is extremely limited.

wrote in "fair" as option above. UPS trucks block the driveway / book sale and basement are not accessible / route for disabled to ramp from handicapped parking not accessible or frequently blocked / upstairs function room is not accessible

Yes it is physically inaccessible to those with walking challenges, but its location in the extreme edge of Turners also makes it inaccessible to users on the hill or towards the other villages.

You've got to fix the front doors!! I couldn't open them this month. A librarian had to open it from inside.

Appears in: Trustees survey 2023-11