Comments about size:

("I find the size of the Carnegie Library, its rooms, and shelf space to be sufficient to serve my needs")

A larger computer area w/isolation dividers would aid security

A larger reading room would be nice.

Again, for me. Insufficient for younger age groups

aisles are too narrow

all rooms are too small - no privacy for reading

beautiful little building, but definitely cramped!

Carnegie is too small, badly configured, and hard to access and use.

Claustrophobic. Uninviting "closeness" to person and product (books, movies, etc)

Could be a little bigger

could be bigger

could be bigger to hold more items

Cramped space

Desperate need for more seating and reading space.

especially with addition of games, tools, puzzles, etc

Everything feels crowded

Far too small

haven't been inside

I don't spend time in the library but rather put a book on hold online and stop by to pick it up.

I enjoy the small town feel.

I find the usable area equivalent to a large bathroom

I like it as it is. It's a historic building and I don't want it to close. Just add on!

I might use the Carnegie more if there were more space to sit and read or write, big tables and great lighting.

I use CW Mars often to get books.

I usually use CW/MARS to order books. I find the library difficult to navigate. I also wish there was a comfortable space to come to read or study, I would likely use that often

I wish it was bigger

I wish there was a wider selection of cookbooks and more space for children to play in the kids area

I would be nice to have a dedicated reading room away from the computer hubs and sufficiently far enough removed from the chidrens' room.

I would love to see a larger area with tables and desks for working - or small tables/desk tucked into corners. And more books is always better

I'd love more private work space

I've noticed that for a flagship library in a town, it's pretty crowded. I'm sure the librarians would effectively use 3x the space -- if they had it. (Just look at Greenfield!)

Inter library loans!

Interlibrary loans are key

It could have more sitting space

it feels that the needs of the community have outgrown the space. the greenfield library is a great example of how additional space can be utilized to serve modern community needs.

It feels very cramped, with little room to sit and stay.

It has a decent amount of content in the small space. The upstairs has a lot of space and could be better utilized.

It is hard for me to read the DVDs either too high or too low.

It is so

It seems too small to accommodate space for small children to crawl around

It should be bigger

It would be nice to have a separate childrens room

It would be wonderful if the library was a lot larger and could fit more items and people in it.

it's fine if not many users are there. otherwise, too cramped for staff and patrons

It's good

It's hardly more than a single space. Everything is bunched together.

It's kinda small

It's sufficient for my needs, but it's tight. And I can see that it can't stock all the books I would be interested in because it is stocking books for people with diverse interests! For example, I enjoy biography/memoir, an which that section were bigger.

It’s tight in the library.

Its cozy, can be crowded. I'm sure they could do with more space.

Larger; more books

Limited space limits collection. No space for community events.

miss reading room

montague’s flagship library should be a lot bigger!

More shelf space!

More space for nore books and sections would be amazing

Need more kids space!

Needs more space. Not enough privacy and with pandemic and flu season it is tight.

not enough space, hard to move around, need kids space

Obviously the Carnegie doesn’t have enough room for people to sit and read. I think the Carnegie has sufficient room for books but the librarians don’t know how important it is to create a few cozy reading spaces. I know, I know, it’s a dilemma but I do think the computers could be annexed over to Millers and the Center, leaving space for a few comfy chairs at the Carnegie. The 3 libraries try to be a complete library in their own right but it is an interesting idea to disperse the computers which would increase the usage of each village library and give the Carnegie room to breathe.

One main room with people talking, using phones and lots of noise! What happened to a quiet library for studying reading etc?

Seems inadequate for the level of use by Montague residents. It feels cramped & congested the few times I've visited.

Seems very small

should have larger aisle space

Since we, the town, are with the . / I have always been able to get whatever I've wanted to read or watch on DVD. [first sentence left incomplete. maybe meant CWMARS??]

Size doesn't matter-it's how you use it, but seriously there's not enough shelf space or people space

Size is fine. Layout, accessiblity, are not.

Size isn't everything! It might matter more for others, especially staff. I mostly use the chidren's section, and it feels cramped but useable.

Small, cramped

space is so cramped, books are stored on window sills and in shelving very close to interior doors; extremely limited restroom facilities

Stacks are tight. More computers and separate conference or workrooom could be helpful for those who rely on the library for internet and technology.

the adult stacks and computer area both feel cramped

The book shelves are very close together, narrow walking space between rows

The Children's Area is open to the computer area where patrons may need quiet space

The larger library might be nice, to increase the size of the collection, and have more community space. However, I think it’s important to balance. His needs with the needs to continue to use this historic building in some capacity, or another. If building a new library, and no longer using the Carnegie library means that the Carnegie building is at risk, I don’t support that.

The library does feel small and compact

the library has a very cramped feed about it, especially the children's area

The library meets my needs but I have my own computer and internet. Many might need more space for working and doing research. And accessibility of computers and internet

The size of Carnegie is perfect! Great for the need of this community. Beautiful and historic! It would be a shame to move it or Abandon it

The space is tightly packed, limiting accessibility and there not enough room for the desired materials.

The space is very limited, which prevents the library from being useful for much other than the designated uses of each space

The spaces are all cramped and it feels very much like a "make do" situation within the space.

The staff cooperation and coordination with inter-library loans meet my needs well.

The upstairs meeting room in not accessible and not climate controled. A group of genealogists met in the history room, but that room was repurposed for staff.

The usable public space is tiny compared to the size of the building. What there is is jammed into a small area on the main floor.

There could be more books-maybe use the basement?

there have been times when the computer room can feel cramped

There is not enough space. It would be nice to have an addition to the building, but I hate to see green space get paved or built over.

There needs to be more sitting areas and desk space.

Things are tight. More space would allow for more of a collection and more room for browsing/usage.

Too small and cramped.

Too small, too open air-no private space

very difficult to access most areas. rooms so close together that noise carries throughout. no quiet area.

We can always use more room

We need more space for study/reading/materials and events

we need study space, reading space, computer space, meeting space, teen space, activity space, kid space, shelf space, staff space, outer space

wheelchair space limited

Where are all the books? The Children's room seems inviting , but not a lot of space to sit and read with a child. And the adult spaces are sparse.

works for me because I order things from CWMARS.

would like more shelves of current titles to choose from.

You can barely maneuver if 2 people are in the same aisle

Appears in: Trustees survey 2023-11