Comments about parking:

("I find the parking at the Carnegie Library to be adequate and safe")

a parking lot would be safer than crossing the road when parking across the street

additional choice "poor" written in above / handicapped parking is difficult / front stairs and front parking is difficult for children's safety

and (the parking) is no cost! Hurrah!

awkward, not clear to a first-time visitor

better with dedicated lot, hill is steep, hard to access when driving west

Building is located on a busy corner. Parking on Seventh Street can be a challenge because it is a hill & has few spaces near the building. Parking on Avenue A is difficult at times due to the traffic.

carbon footprint issues

Could use more parking.



for me, street parking is okay, but for others with kids or mobility issues the parking can be problematic

For someone coming from downtown it's difficult to get into the slanted spots on the main road and it's a big road to cross if you park at the Walgreens/thrift store lot

Hard for some people; older or with small children.

hard to park

Having only street parking available is very limiting, and creates a barrier to people coming to use the space.

I can always find parking

I can easily walk to the library, but the parking in front seems fine

I can walk up the steps so I have no issue with the parking, but for anyone with limited mobility or a stroller it is pretty challenging

I don't commute by car, N/A

I don't drive I walk to the library

I don't have a car

I don’t have a problem with it but I consider walking up the stairs to be a form of exercise. There should be parking at a ground level exit.

I don't really like parking on the street, though the spots are pretty easy to get into and out of safely

I don't use the parking lot

I get nervous parking on the street. People often paralel park with the curb when spots are diagonal facing the curb.

I hate parking on the street at Carnegie, especially when I have kids with me. I would prefer off street parking.

I have always been able to park in front of the library even during an outside children's event.

I have no problem parking on the street, at least for now. Also, I usually walk.

I live near enough to walk to the library. When I do park on the street, it is uncomfortable and awkward backing in to traffic

i only ever walk, bike, or take the bus to the library

I tend to walk over from the Food City parking lot

I usually park in the shopping lot - which I assume is OK?

I usually walk to the library. When I drive I find the cars parked on 7th St create a hazard.

I walk there for the most part. Street parking involves again some steep steps... I'm old, getting older, so that's potentially intimidating.

I'm dropped off on a seldom basis---I don't drive

I've always found parking close to the library.

I've had to park across the street

If I considered both entrances in my answer, I would have responded "strongly disagree." I prefer using the back entrance tho it is too/so cumbersome to use, with insufficient space. Front entrance is ridiculously use un-friendly

It is terrifying to back up into traffic at the light and to get kids into a car. I used the millers library when the kids were littler because the alley parking feels safer.

It would be nice to have a real library parking lot. I generally prefer to park in the Aubuchon lot and cross the street at the cross walk to avoid having to do on-stree parallel parking.

It's a small town, street parking works.

it's either at the bottom of a long set of stairs or on a steep slope with no easy path to the door, challenging for anyone who walks slowly or unsteadily (but isn't handicapped) or has a stroller, etc...

It's in a busy road near the traffic light.

It's OK for me, but if I had little kids I'd complain.

it's terrible. I park in back and hold my breath trying to get out safely

Lack of space on 7th St. makes Ave A parking essential and it insufficient and often requires crossing Ave A, a busy street.

More onsite parking is needed for people with disabilities

no parking (but on the street)


Not safe (on street)

Old building built before cars, but street parking or the lot across the road hamper accessibility.

On street parking is adequate.

On-street is not adequate (Ave A) or erratic (7th St)

Parking in front is limited and you have to cross traffic, and the side holdtwo or three cars. If you live in town it is easy to walk to

Parking is good. Never an issue for our family who drives there

parking is inadequare. You have to be alert to Avenue A traffic

parking is only convenient driving towards Ave A

parking is only on street

Parking on the street is dangerous.

Please see comments at #6

Plenty across the street. Space used for drop box now "no parking" sign??

Poor parking.

pretty horrible

Road parking is never s safe option, especially with a turn lane as close to the steps and the after hours book return receptacle

safe but inadequate

stairs at front entrance make front parking inaccesible for some seniors-side street parking is downright dangerous


The parking is extremely limited to street parking with a walk to the door.

The streetside parking feels not great! Exiting the car with a toddler when traffic is so close...also backing up into traffic.. doesn't feel safe.

There are city street parking spots that are free.

There are usually parking spots on the street, but if you park on Avenue A across from the library the crossing can be perilous.

There's parking?

Too many stairs for anyone with mobility issues.

tricky in winter to navigate the banken if you're parking on avenue A

Tricky to get from front parking to stairs up. Backing out of driveway near ramp is dicey with cars whizzing by, especially when cars are parked on the side street and visibility is further compromised.

Turners Falls should be working towards making the town center a car, free zone, or shuttles, bikes, and walking is the preferred means of transportation.

two little spots that require backing out onto a very busy street? Dangerous!What parking?

Typically park on the road but at times there aren’t spaces close by.

Typically, there aren't too many people at the library at once, so parking out front is feasible. During events, I don't mind parking across the street.

usually extermely difficult to exit spaces in front due to Avenue A traffic; to exit driveway behind the building, yo have ot back into usually heavy traffic on 7th Street

Very limited. New handicapped space is very good and paving of driveway made walking to ramp safer.

Walk up stairs on Ave A is difficult for everyone. Handicapped area was much needed.

When I first went there and parked in front, when it was time to back out and drive away, some other car almost hit me speeding up to the intersection. Now I park across the street in the lot.

Where is parking? On the hill? Can't park on the busy street. I drive by and can't see any.

Where is the parking lot?

Would be nice to have a Lot.

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