Comments about safety:

("I consider the Carnegie Library to be a safe space indoors and out")

accessing handicap exterior door not good. activities held outdoors -- ground is uneven.

Caring staff!

Carnegie is very safe and a comforting place and location

concrete stairs difficult / parking limited / function rooms not accessible

Except as mentioned above.

Except parking on the road

feels a little crowded sometimes, but I have never felt unsafe. The heavy front door has caused a few startling moments but no real problems.

fire alarms, large alarm/signage

for all

hard to park

Have never had an issue, staff has always been great.

Having grown up in the Boston area, the only places in Western Massachusetts that are unstable are Springfield, Holyoke and Greenfield.

heavy doors; stairs slippery if wet; exiting parking into traffic

I am disabled and the overall access is too difficult and contentious. Aisles too narrow etc.

I assume b/c it's such an old building there isn't very good air circulation. I would love to know this is being improved given the ongoing Covid pandemic

I can see the front steps outside might be a problem for some.

I can't easily manage the stairs at the front entrance. Fear of falling

I have never considered it an issue. It is well-staffed so I never feel at risk.

I have never had any safety concerns about the Carnegie library, and her frequented, that many, many times, at all different times of the day, including in the dark.

I haven't had any problems, but my balance is pretty good, so I'm not the girl to ask

I'd sleep here...

I've had no concerns about my safety while using the library

I've never had a personal concern


Inside is safe but outside is not so much

inside: staff can easily keep an eye on patrons, handrails on steps and walkways are good

It's safe besides the accessibility and the falling apart old building

Library is always my happy place. We still need a more accessible library.

Never had any concern.

Never had problems with humans in the library (thinking of other patrons; the staff is terrific), but the front stairs can be rather treacherous for someone with a mild disability, especially when the weather is bad.

No problems yet

not enough information

Not much to comment on

Not safe outside due to the busy road that has traffic light. Not safe inside due to tight space.

Only safety issue is getting in and out!

Outdoor parking + proximity to traffic are my concerns

outdoor spaces are getting better!

Personally safe, but a trip and fall waiting to happen.

Ramp could get slippery in winter months.

The front steps are a nightmare. The front doors are heavy and difficult to open.

The library is a friendly inviting space, due to good staff.

The library is as safe as donwtown Turners Falls is. More people would use library if it was not in downtown. Elderly are reluctant.

The only problem I see with safety is crossing the street to get there

The outside stairs can be icy in the winter time and the outside lighting isn't great at night.

The small size makes everything and everyone visible

This is an orderly environment on a consistent basis (the Carnegie)

very safe

Appears in: Trustees survey 2023-11