If I could change one thing about the Carnegie Library building, it would be:

(1) Access to the upstairs and I will staff it and protect it; (2) comfy chairs; (3) take the house above it by eminent domain and create ground level parking and access. (I’m kidding about eminent domain). 

A better easier way to park and get in the library. It's a hufe resource for me and I depend on the library, reading, community, etc. We NEED our library and access for all.

A closed door meeting room for library classes, programs, or instruction

A few more computers

A light weight front door, with a window

A little kid space 

A new building, safe, quiet and spacious with friendly atmosphere.

A new building! Has a fundraising been started yet? I would like to donate to that.

A new one

a quiet space for adults and children separately

A second dro-off /return box at the end of the driveway to the back entrance

Access to all the interesting things upstairs (for viewing)






Accessibility and more inside space.

Accessibility of whole building

add cubicles and study carrels

Add more space

add more space (to solve handicap accessibility issue, need for a community room, etc)

all of the above, but mostly the parking issues

Allow Carnegie to be repurposed. I think Montague needs a new up-to-date library building in Turners Falls. 

allowing access to the loft. Has anyone catalogued all the ephemera up there?

As a real estate tax payer, the last thing I want is for the town to spend money on a want, not a need. I, and many other home owners, are struggling to make ends meet & going without, some with food. Please do not put a financial burden on me. I am not rich. 

As an elder in the town of Montague and an avid reader, I choose to only use my local Montague Center Library. The only time I go to Carnegie Library is to donate books to the Book Sale. I recently visited the new Greenfield Public Library and found it so beautiful, airy, and light, and full of welcoming opportunities for use. I know there was a great deal of controversy about building a new library (in Greenfield) and the design of it, but once I went inside, I am so glad the positive forces won and the town has an amazing, modern library to be proud of for generations. As far as the plan for the Carnegie Library are concerned, I think a great deal of outreach to the public (including this survey) needs to be done to see what is feasible given the economic climate. -Eileen Mariani, town meeting member, precinct 1

Better accessibility


bigger (but I also love the feel and location of the current building so please don't move)

Bigger with more public space

bigger, longer hours

Build a new library and turn the Carnegie into a historical museum.

build a solarium with an adjoining terrace for reading and contemplation

check-out magazines, more magazines

Don’t have an opinion because I don’t go there often. 

easy changes to make currently: book sale under tent / art displays by community on walls / have children-and-seniors-together reading hour and arts programs /// eventual changes under ADA transition plan: library accommodations and ADA [word unclear], ie, book sale, art display /// NOTE: I request to be part of the committee: ADA advocate Betty Tegel, I have helped Steve in the past

Enlarge it by 5 times and it probably still would not be big enough. This enlargement question has been going on since the 1920s.

Enlarged space or at least an elevator so that the space we have could be better utilized.


Expand physical space.

For building to be on a flat area for easy walking from parking lot

Forget about changing one thing. We need a new, modern, spacious building with a decent parking lot. Visit the Wallingford, CT public library and you'll see what I mean

free books/children's activities outside; children, adults, old books. Community support!

fully accessible

glasses of many strengths on hand for those of us who forget to bring our glasses!

Hey folks, not much about Montague Center Library, is there?

I <3 you all, but the Montague Center Library is my place, so the Carnegie is most important for those neighbors and people without cars

I have always found every book I need but since you changed companies? ... I find nothing at all.

I know it is not possible, but accessible parking for cars

I like it the way it is.

I love the library as is, and would love to see the town utilize other free spaces for more of the above wished inclusions. Let's use resources wisely, share, think outside the box as we build our community. 

I want all the greatest things but also to save the beautiful Carnegie architecture 

I would want it to have a bit more space for sitting and doing things. It would be very nice tohave a place for studying/reading so close by.

if it appears that the Carnegie list has items that would be better incorporated into a senior center, I would vociferously oppose it. I would enthusiastically support a combined facility

It works well for me and my grandaughter -she uses all the local libraries and Libby as she is an avid reader. Would be so much simpler to leave it here at Carnegie!

it's size!?

Just to make it feel more comfortable in there. I love the library because it's OUR library, but the few times I tried to use it as a study space, it was so uncomfortable and not set up well I ended up moving somewhere else. But I really appreciate having it in town and being able to use the book exchange system. Also just want to say all the staff are amazing! Helpful and friendly

keep copier in a private place +site some computers with dividers


larger and more separate rooms

Larger collection 

Larger Rooms and Spaces for All Ages

Larger rooms with quiet spaces.

love the building and the museum--need a new senior center, maybe move senior center and library up near water dept. more centered for all villages to get to

maintain its charm, maintain the high quality staffing, reflect the changing needs of the community

Make it bigger for more quests!

Montague Center building: instead of a change, I recommend a keep: Kate Martineau.

more adjacent space to allow for improvements

More bathrooms

more books

More natural lighting

more open hours

More open space, rooms for meeting

more private/quiet areas to sit/work

more programming with visiting authors.

more seating areas and better accessibility

More space

more space

More space — ahead even of accessibility mprovementd.

more space for community gathering/events/activities

more space for sitting/working/reading

More space to be more of a town center. The existing space is well used, but it would be nice to have public space in town for groups to use.

More space to sit and read

More space, and some separation of areas: not for segregation but for less overlap.

more space, better entrance

More space, bigger rooms. More shelf space!

move it to the corner of avenue a and 2nd street on the site of the cumberland farms

Move main branch to Montague Center


New building

New Building by Discovery Center!

New modern building, similar to Greenfield’s new librady

No comments 

Not a thing--I love the Carnegie just the way it is

Not much! I love how it is and where it is located. It’s beautiful and accessible! I would say more children’s programming. That’s the best part! 


Office cat. It would be awesome to have a makerspace, 3D printer, woodworking power tool rental... musical instrument rental.

parking on one level for easy access

put it with the schools or other town buildings in the center of the community., and the Sunderland Library is a perfect architectural model

Quadruple its main floor footprint

Reduce the crowding of things. 

Relocate the library to a modern building with ample parking & easy access for all users.

separate teen area with computers

separation of areas for children, teens, adults


SIZE (see also above comment on a new library being the necessary solution)

Size and layout of the building! If this [private study space and small meeting rooms] were available, I would use the library to work remotely, rather than going to a cafe!

Space to gather for the community for events and meetings.

Spaces and nooks for reading. Wanderable aisles and shelves.

that everything was on one floor // I just want to go on record that I feel strongly that we need a NEW building. The Carnegie is a beautiful, historic building that could be repurposed. The staff and patrons deserve a new, 21st century facility. That doesn't mean it should be as large as the new Gfld building , but it does need to accommodate the needs of the population it serves. The staff should have a safe, clean space to work in. The residents of the town of Montague deserve to have a fully accessible, bright place.

That site is tough to work with. Move it to the Cumby's site across from Town Hall.

The accesibility from all entrances and to all indoor spaces

The bathroom 

The building. I would change the building (and put the new, larger, accessible, community-pleasing building in a different location).

The current library more than suits all of my needs.

the entryway--wish it didn't have the weird stars and heavy doors. the bathroom--wish for a more pleasant room :)

The lack of study space that's quiet.

The noise. I stopped going years agofor that reason everyone crammed together it was difficult to concentrate. Are you sure you are going to build a library and not a loud community center

the old building is lovely, but it is just too small

The parking!

the size. We need more space to separate the areas.

The space availability

They need more room!

to have an event/maker space

turn it into a museum

Twice as big.

Wider passageways, easier steps, much larger windows (or more of them?) = make more airy, with more natural light.

Appears in: Trustees survey 2023-11